Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan

He will get upset with you and your Saeen, you will go to hell, you will see. Were you waiting for me? How did you exam go? To hell with the exam. Did you notice, Raima didn’t come to give the exam. I didn’t see. That is what I saying, she didn’t come for the exam. Fine. Look, Sanam is coming, ask her. She will know. Hi Sanam. Hi. How did your exam go. It was fine. I don’t see Raima anywhere. Yeah, I got so late in the morning, I didn’t get to drink coffee, but yes, where is Raima, even I am worried. Then find out. Yes, I will find out. If you find anything out, do let us know. Just keep us informed. she is such a good student, she wont miss her exam for no reason. Sure, I will let you guys know, I will find out today. Okay, take my number and let me know as soon as you find out. Fine. You never know, Saad might miss his exams for Raima. Don’t worry, I will find out and let you guys know today.

What did you come back for

Sanam, I am really concerned, just keep us updated. Sure. Number? Yeah… Okay. Don’t forget, please. I wont forget. Bye. Bye. Aunt. Aunt. I am back. I am back. Raima, where did you go? What did you come back for? I came back to my home, I came to my people, you are happy to see me Haris? What is there to be happy about? A girl who can stay out for so long, who will accept her. Haris… I can never do that… Haris, what is wrong? Trust me, I am the same Raima, your Raima. I didn’t get kidnapped by my will. Haris. Haris, stop, what happened? Look Raima, instead of calling you, I came to you myself. You have ruined my future. Nothing has happened. Your future is bright. You will rule, people will be jealous of you. My future is still attached to my own, I am really happy with my dreams, you are no where in my future. I am really near you, if you feel it.

As far as your exams are concerned

You are not near, what you have done to me, you remember, God will treat you worse. You will regret it, remember that. No, Saif ur Rehman never regrets. Why did you do this? Everything is ruined. Everything is ruined. I said nothing happened. As far as your exams are concerned, I will let you give them privately. You don’t know Saif ur Rehman’s power and position. I don’t want to. I know your reality, I don’t want to know anything more. When you know me so well, then get married to me. I am engaged, I really love my cousin Haris, I will marry him. That is the past, you are mine, only my name should be on your lips and I have full faith that you will care for my liking and dislikes. I don’t like Haris, don’t take his name again. I will not marry you, I will never marry you. No matter what you do, I will not marry you. I don’t want to force you, don’t force me. Look Raima, I have decided, we are getting married tomorrow, be ready. I said that I will not marry you, do you hear me. I will never marry you.

He is lying, this is nonsense

Dilawar. That man Haris Alvi, madam Raima’s cousin. Yes Saeen. Make him a guest, care for him. As you wish Saeen. He should stay alive, so that he knows who Sardar Saif ur Rehman is. As you wish sir. Haris? Son, what have you done to yourself? I will get you water. He says, that Saif ur Rehman that Raima is not with him. He is lying, this is nonsense. Son, don’t you get into this issue of Saif ur Rehman, he is a dangerous man. Papa, no matter what, will we stay quiet like idiots, should we sit and watch our respect get ruined? But son… No but papa, maybe Raima was just your respect, but for me, she was my respect, my life, my love. Everything is on the line. Be strong son. I am strong and I have a lot of courage too but I will not leave that man till my last breath. Papa we will go the ASP tomorrow. What will that do? Papa, maybe he will listen. What is the problem in going? Lets go give a request. I have no hope but we will go if you want to. Who is knocking the door so hard. Check. You stop worrying, come here. What was the need for Haris to go to Saif ur Rehman.

She didn’t come for her exam today

His stupidity, I talk to him. I am so worried he has bothered me a lot. I am surprised Sanam has not called, I don’t know if Raima is fine or not. She was not ill. I don’t know why I am thinking this. Hello. I am so sorry, I forgot. You are a weird friend, don’t you care about her, what sort of friend are you? She didn’t come for her exam today. Give me her address, I will go and find out. Okay, calm down, I will just find out and let you know, ok? Arshad… Yeah? Listen to me… Go ahead. Haris hasn’t come back yet, he just went to the gate. Go and check on him. Okay. Bilquis, Haris is not there. Where did Haris go? Call him. This is what I am worried about, his phone was near the gate outside. Where did our Haris go?

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