Daniel Kaluuya’s Scottish Accent Ruined An Audition | The Graham Norton Show

actors often talk about the pressures of

auditions you know and everyone’s been

there Daniel clear you have such a good

tip for actors you what I’m talking

about yeah yeah yeah if there’s any

aspiring actors watching I think this is

brilliant advice when you do the

audition leave like it’s just like don’t

try and small talk don’t try and be like

just do your thing and then leave just

like just run out the door I don’t even

say bye yeah those if I did that and I

didn’t realize I don’t have a scene not

to put accents on your CV yeah yeah I’ve

lied a lot yes you got busted once in

you I’ve got what’s it twice Oh

basically we’ve got spotlight you know

spotlight actors directory you have to

put your CV on there and obviously all

the accents and so I’ve seen a scene it

was actually going really well

the auditions going really well doing

this this is to anyone anywhere like so

Daniel says you can you can do Scottish

basically you can put like he put

Asterix it’s like highly skilled so I

put a strict on all of them yeah

you could squash some light yeah okay so

I’m being it yeah in Scotland right now

and I’m like I’m like I’m like I started

in Midlands yeah

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