China 2021 | Ramachandran,Shriya Saran ,Harshvardhan Rane

China 2021 | Ramachandran,Shriya Saran ,Harshvardhan Rane

China 2021 | Ramachandran,Shriya Saran ,Harshvardhan Rane

I don’t like this home, I like my home. Why doesn’t he come out. He cannot come out. Can I go to him? No, you cannot go. I want to talk to him, I have questions for him, why didn’t he forgive mama? What do I stop you from? The mistake I made in Taha’s matter, I didn’t want to repeat it. I let you do what you said. You wanted to go to boarding, I sent you. You wanted to go to America for film making so I didn’t stop you but now, now I am at the age in my life, where for me the time is short to say everything. 

What did Mama do? What was his mistake? Why did papa get upset with him? What mistake did you make Husn-e-Jahan, that Taha left you? Why are you quiet? Why don’t you say something? I don’t know. Don’t know or you don’t want to tell me? What are you trying to hide? I don’t want to meet her. She came from so far to meet you, meet her once. I have not called her, why should I meet her? You are her son, she loves you. No, she only loves her husband, the one she lives with. She never missed me before, then how can she miss me now? Don’t say that about your mother. Tell her to go from here. 

You send me back to boarding. Don’t say that. I hate her, I am happy without her. I will never meet her, never see her. Child. Child, wait. I am really sorry child. Its not your fault papa, he has all right to hate me. I understand today what you must have felt when I took Taha away. Forgive me. Stop child. Stop. Don’t embarrass me further. Have some water. We got fooled so easily, if he had to get married with his parents will, then Momina… A lot of tests are left Suraiya. When Momina finds out… at least they should have told us, whatever they had to do, they should have told us. 

Hey Suraiya, come on. When will you come. I am coming. Come. See, I got this veil for your wedding, me and Sultan made this ourselves. We worked on the machine after so long. See this, our hands have been pricked. Did you like it? Hey, put it on. Yes, I will. God bless. God bless. You look so pretty. Give charity or she will get our evil eye. See, I got the spices, I knew it will look great on Momina. Hey, why did you take it off? Its really heavy mama. Yes, it is, me and your father got all the ornaments from the market and put it on it. We didn’t leave any corner empty. Why is she crying? She must miss Jahangir. Yes, Jahangir. But missing Jahangir she has never cried.

 Its possible, Momina knew from before. Had she known, she would have said it all, not hidden it. Yes, why would she have hidden it. She is really brave. Hey what happened? You woke us up early morning brother Sultan. What is this? Give me back my vanity box and keep this. Jhumar won’t return the vanity box, I got it at a huge price cause of Husn-e-Jahan and you came to get it the next day. Hear me out, I won’t return it. I am telling you. Fine, don’t return it, keep this. What happened? You said you have left the work, you wont do it, Momina’s in-laws don’t want it.

The relation has been broken. What, sister Momina’s relation? But why? She is unlucky, that is why. Have patience. Congratulations, I am your agent officially. Thank you Renuka. Your cheque, your ticket for business class and your other papers. Before you leave I need to get interviews and a shoot, I will email you the schedule for it in 30 minutes. Okay. Once you return, you will have to take English classes, you need to work on your accent. What accent do you want? American, British, I can take either. I want both, you need anything? No. Bye.

 Sister, how is business class? I don’t know, I have never even traveled in economy. I have neither, but I want to. Why do you think of the business class suddenly? All heroes and heroines travel in business class. I read in the paper. Then once I become a heroine, I will take you in business class. Its possible I will be a hero then and traveling in business class already. Thank you madam. Are you upset with me? Why will I be upset with you? I thought you would hear it all and hate me. I am not upset with you, I am upset with mama. Don’t be. What mistake did she make grandpa? Don’t ask me this question again and again Momin, it’s a secret, let it be that way.

 What do you think, when you tell me her mistake, I will hate her more, I will get upset? I won’t, I will forgive her, I will do what you didn’t do, what papa didn’t do? What do you think she did? A big sin, no problem, I will forgive her. Biggest sin, even God doesn’t forgive, how will you? Promise me, that you will not talk to me about the mistake again.

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