Chhapaak | Deepika Padukone | Vikrant Massey | Meghna Gulzar | 10 January 2020

Chhapaak  | Deepika Padukone | Vikrant Massey | Meghna Gulzar | 10 January 2020

Chhapaak  | Deepika Padukone | Vikrant Massey | Meghna Gulzar | 10 January 2020
 Child, Zara took some medication and terminated her pregnancy. Now I don’t know if she took the medication herself or her mother gave it to her. What are you saying? This is not possible mama. I don’t know child, this is what the doctors say, what can I tell you? I told you I was worried and I didn’t want her to go with her mother but she was happy, so I said nothing. Now, what could I do? What is mama saying? My child. What are you saying? How did the doctor say that? The reports can be wrong. Why will we do that? Did we not have a relation with that child? Do I not have a relation with Asad? She blamed us for something so big. She is the mother of a boy, she can say anything. Mama, this is just an accident. 

Where no one can be blamed. Is the relation between me and Asad so weak that it will break? That is Asad’s home, that’s my home, how can mama stop me from going there. You are right, but she thinks we are responsible. No mama, you are mistaken, she is really good. She was happy, I was happy, maybe she found out suddenly so she reacted like this. I will go to her and tell her that all this is an accident. Think about it, she has told you not to come there. No, she will hug me when I go there, she will listen to me. I will make her believe that we are not like this, its an accident. When mama is feeling like this, what will Zara be going through? I don’t know if she has her phone or not.

 I should have been there at this moment, with mama and Zara. I can handle them only. Why isn’t Zara’s phone connecting? I had told you, I will not let this girl stay in this home, I will drag her out in a way that Asad will forget her too. Now see I did what I wanted, got rid of her like a fly in milk. I told Asad in a way that he believes that Zara and her mother killed his child. Well, you are the best mama. Child, I have told you so many times to learn from me. You need to be careful when you take a decision, if you do something out of emotion, then you will be at loss. Now see, my son is back to me and she is out. This is called killing two birds with one stone. You are right. No Mussarat, you shouldn’t have listened to her and let her go alone. I tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen to me. The words of Zara’s mother in law, what you told me, they are bad. Even I couldn’t believe my ears that she could say this.

 I don’t know what she will say to Zara, she is unwell. May God protect my daughter, I don’t know who’s evil eye got to her. I hope they have mercy on my daughter. Stop it, why do you cry? I will get you have water. God, have mercy on my child. I asked you, what did you come here for? If I don’t come here, where will I go? We went through such a big accident, our happiness got robbed and you ask me why I came here? Mama, we are ruined. People who ruin others don’t cry, they celebrate. You are mistaken. 

What happened to you mama? How can you even this this? Why will I do this myself? That was my child, I was so happy. I was thinking I would tell Asad, he would be so happy. But… Stop this drama. My sadness and tears look like a drama to you Nida. I cannot tolerate all this, you go from here. Why should I go? What have I done mama? Will you leave when we have you thrown out? Nida, please, be quiet.

 Mama, you tell me, why would I do this myself? The medical report is saying that you and your mother have done something so that the child dies. Mother? Please listen to me mama, I have not done anything. I am not in the habit of hearing stories, its best you leave. Why should I leave? This is my home. You are mistaken that this is your home, you and your parents set a trap to catch my son, you have been caught in that. So leave from here. Don’t make me speak more. Trap? Trapped him? So mama, till today you didn’t accept me with your heart till this day.