Chandra Nandini

Hello. who is this? Hello, you didn’t come today? Oh you. I don’t go daily. Okay. You should have told me. When did you ask? I was waiting for you. I have heard wait has its own charms. Yes it does, but at times the person who waits keep on waiting. By the way where did you get my number? Who is unaware of Saif ur Rehman’s daughter. Ok tell me, will you come in the evening? I don’t know. Fine, I will wait for you. Okay, you have this much time. I have time for you. If you want I can leave my work and get on waiting. Okay, but you know leaving work leads to loss. I don’t care. Okay, this is it. Try me. No, I don’t want to try anyone. I find out myself, who is capable of what. What? Hello Saeen Sir. Saeen is calling you. Papa. Come for a minute. Let me go. Open up. You are Saeen? Do you remember, in the interview you left me speechless, I have made you speechless bringing you here. I wanted to leave you at your home. You didn’t agree, so I got you to my home. I wanted to give you a lift, now see, Sardar Saif ur Rehman wants a lift from that girl. Raima, I have turned all the ways of your life towards me. Where ever you run, where ever you go, you will find me because you destination and fate is me. So then you don’t know me. You remember what I said that day, I said that I wont agree. I have my rules, whether it be friendship, love or enmity, I live with it. I don’t step back, nor do I run.

I will have Saif ur Rehman suffer in jail

There is no place for you in my heart, you may rule my existence, but not my emotions. Because I hate you, I really hate you. I didn’t find out anything, I even went to Saif ur Rehman’s home. Saif ur Rehman’s home? Yes, the guard said that he is not home for a week. Raima has been gone for 3 days papa. Yes child it feels like 3 years. I don’t know how long we will have to live without her. Papa, what are you saying? If you give up, I will give up too. Its best to accept the reality, ignoring it doesn’t change the reality. Papa, whatever it is, I cannot let Raima stay with him. First lets fine Raima. You will see, I will not leave him. I will have Saif ur Rehman suffer in jail. Let Raima come once. You will see papa, he will be disrespected and we will win. We will also be disrespected, have you thought about it? Come on. Come on, come from here. I will not go anywhere. You come and live in this room after the wedding. This is Saeen’s room. Tell you imbecile Saeen… Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare raise your hand at her again, I will cut it off. You know who this girl is? Do you know? She is my liking, my heart. The one I like, I really care for them. She is not any other girl, who you spend time with, she is really special, someone you can marry. If I want, I can get her in 2 minutes. She is at my home, in my control, but no, I will not do that. I wont. The respect she is worth, I will give her that, I will marry her, make her your boss. You people will live or die on one sign from her, do you get it? Saeen, forgive me. Take her. Come on. Look madam, till the time you don’t listen to Saeen, you will be locked in this room. I will not listen to him, I will not let his wish come true. Look madam, Saeen really loves you or else so many women came and went from here, Saeen has never spoken to me like this earlier, he has done it cause of you, or else we have been serving him since ages. He rules servants, I got caught here cause of fate, or else getting slapped by you was no big deal for me. Don’t say that madam, or this room will be your grave.

You are back, you took so long

Let it become my grave, your Saeen has ruined my wishes, my hopes. I will be killed one day too. He wants to give you respect and a place. Why don’t you understand this? You saying no will upset him further. And you know this will instigate him further, it wont reduce it. Then he can burn me alive, I don’t care. But he cares about you. You don’t want to live, he wont let you die. You can do anything, but you will have to listen to him, you will be the one who loses. Papa. How is my love? You are back, you took so long. I went for a week. For you it was a week, for me its like months have passed. I really missed you. Hello. Hello. Okay tell me, what do you want? Papa, you think I only miss you when I want something? I am sure there is something. You may rule my physical self, but not my emotions because I hate you. I am tired, I will go rest. Papa, you came after so long, please sit with me, I want to talk to you. Child, we will talk in the morning, I am really tired right now. Anyway, tell me, what do you want? Sardar, Abeera wants to go to Dubai with her friends. Fine, I will get the tickets. Goodnight. Are you happy? I am not going to Dubai. Why not? What happened now? Papa came after so long, he doesn’t have time for me. Your papa is tired. Does anyone get tired in Dubai? The fight inside the man tires him. Maybe there is a fight inside him too. Did you get this enlightenment? I love your father, I will be enlightened. If you had given Abeera a few minutes… I sat with her, she should have said what she wanted to. She is waiting for you for so many days… When did I say no? if she has to go, I will get her the ticket. Please switch off the light, I am tired, I need to sleep. I want to meet Saif ur Rehman, I had an appointment. You come inside, I will call sir. Stop him. Stop him. Saif ur Rehman! Come out of your home. I know you are hiding inside, you coward, I also know that Raima is with you.

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