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Not a word! And what are you thinking Shah Jahan? What are you thinking? You agreed to her, then you should have agreed to it, you bent your head, so you should have left it that way. You knew it, that a small wrong step of yours will turn our lives upside down. Aunt, I think she deserves that plot. Her life has been ruined. I have no embarrassment in naming that plot in her name. I have no embarrassment. Mehru… Stop it. Stop it Shah Jahan. That’s it. I had told you so many times, I stopped you, I said no, but you didn’t listen to me. Did I ask you to do all this? Did I ask you to do all this? Ask him mama, did I ask him? My sister is already my enemy, mama, she doesn’t listen to me, she blames me.

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Why are you doing all this? Why are you doing this? Because I am your sinner. And not just you, I am your sinner too. I have committed a big torment, such a big torment, that I don’t know if even God will ever forgive me or not. You people always used to ask me, who came in the wedding, because of whom Mehru’s life was ruined? Because of whom Master left, because of whom your life became a torture, I am that person. I don’t know how as a joke… I swear I didn’t want it myself, my friends were talking to me, Mehru’s husband, Naeem heard everything. I made a big mistake. I tried a lot of time to come and tell you people everything. I swear to God, I would almost die, when I would think this. I couldn’t understand how will I tell you all this, you people gave me so much respect, so much trust, I broke that trust, I took away the roof from your heads.

I accept that I am your sinner. I committed a big sin, I am not worthy of forgiveness even. I know you people will never forgive me, not just you, I will not ever be able to forgive myself. Still, I have a little hope. You used to say Mehru, the one who ruined your life, he will get your curse. I have gotten your curse. I am not at peace even for a second. I am unable to be happy now. I know my sin is really big, I know you people will never forgive me, not just you, maybe I might not be able to forgive myself even. Still you people are really good, so I just hope, I beg you for forgiveness, it is up to you, if you want, you can forgive me, or punish me the way you want to, I will not say a word. I made a big mistake, Mehru. I should leave. I should leave from here. Neither I have a place in this home, nor in that home. I was shown my place in a moment today.

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I was told to leave from everyone’s life quietly, there was no place for me in this home, I have no place in anyone’s life. And you, what did you do? Whatever you said, what you said, I did it, I fell so low, just thinking that maybe this is my superstition, maybe it’s my superstition but… I will leave from here. I am going from this home. This time I won’t even listen to you. Don’t listen to me, but do answer one thing before you go. Did Shah Jahan say all this to you himself? The biggest enemy of your happiness is your own sister, she is playing this game and you are being emotional and will be at loss. I know, you love Shah Jahan a lot. That is why I am still here or else I would have left a long time back. No one cares about me. Your sister has started this whole game to make you lose, you don’t lose. You don’t lose. He must have done all this to get free from the weight of his conscience. We kept on thinking he was a gift of one of our good deeds.

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Master really trusted Shah Jahan, its good he left before seeing all this. Shah Jahan broke the trust of my Master, he had so much belief that he would care for us. What cross roads has our life come to, who do we trust? We cannot trust anyone. No one. We are alone, all alone. We cannot trust anyone. I love you a lot. That is why I am still here. If some other girl was in my place, then, she wouldn’t have wasted a second and would have left from here. But the ones who love. They cannot leave, nor can they break the trust. The ones a person believes more than their lives, they break trust, like… I know, that the sin you committed knowingly or unknowingly, you are supporting them and doing all this to make amends for it.

But at times we need to bend in front of fate. Life is really long, we cannot live like this, or else, or else everything will be ruined. What you are considering the biggest victory of your life, that will become the biggest defeat of your life. You just remember this. I had told you, let me go. No one here needs me. Why are you being stupid? Why are you hurting yourself? What could I do? Should I have witnessed the circus quietly? What medal did you get when everything is clear. If not a medal, then this is clear that he is only doing this for making amends for his sins. Ayat, a man only makes amends for a woman for whom he has a place in his heart.

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