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Did you find out anything about Saif’s murderers? How do you find out about the killers living in the house, uncle? What are you saying child? What do you mean? Uncle, you know sister Farkhanda was not happy with me, right? Obviously. She bothered me a lot but I couldn’t imagine that she could do something like this. She got me shot at, by asking her brother. Oh God. But Saif came in the way. Oh God, all this happened. Uncle, can I tell you something? Yesterday that man died too. Oh God, you are great. Really great. Child, this is for you. What is this uncle? I couldn’t give you anything, ever, so I gave this house in your name.

Although me, Saad and Dilawar knew the reality, but Saad said that if I take your and uncle Ashfaq’s name in front of the police, we would get defamed in the locality, so I stayed quiet, we all stayed quiet. But He didn’t stay quiet, He took revenge, He took revenge for my father’s murder, He cleaned them. My father’s murderers should have got this punishment, they were worth this.

Sister Farkhanda, she lost her brother with her husband, her sorrow is bigger than mine, only if she could understand this. Forgive me, Raima. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Saeen Sarkar, you must be in a good place, I am sure, but you left me alone. Abeera’s behavior with me has gotten really good, but I really miss you. I don’t know what should I do? I try to stay busy, I stay with sister Farkhanda, but still I miss you all the time.

I am sure you miss me too, I have a lot of golden memories of your love. Saif, why did you torment me like this? Madam Sarkar, your uncle Arshad is here. Where is he? I have had him seated in the room downstairs. You did good, please give him some tea, I will come. Sure. That’s it child, at times God’s decisions are such that a person is left helpless. Uncle, why did this happen to me? God’s will child. God’s will. I got a little satisfied with my life, uncle, and then this storm came. My child, God tests the ones close to Him, He tests them.

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I am not worth it uncle. I am not worth it. Child, don’t say that, God doesn’t burden a person with more than they can bear. He doesn’t give them more sorrow than they can handle. Be patient my child. Be patient. How do I be patient? I cannot be patience. I cannot. Child, God is seeing you, He will give you patience. Now see, how He has put this new life in your lap and done you a great favor. You trust me, you will forget all your sorrows. I had forgotten all my sorrow, uncle, I had forgotten my sorrows really. But I admit to you, I will not be able to forget the sorrow of Saif leaving. I will not be able to forget it. Obviously child, he was your husband, its hard to forget him, but trust me its not impossible, my child. He really cared for me uncle, with him around, no one dare say me anything to me.

What good things do I tell about him to you? He just made one mistake, he kidnapped me and married me but after that he apologized to me all the time. You forgave him, right? He asked for forgiveness, he admitted he committed a sin. Yes, but you forgave him, right? I got late uncle. He apologized a lot of times, but I… uncle, you are my elder, but you are my friend too, right? Yes child you speak what is in your heart with me freely, I am listening. I had not forgotten Haris, that day when he dragged me out of the house, I had thought I will take him out of my heart, and I did that. I scratched away all the thoughts from my heart, and when there was place in my heart, then Saif took a place there. He really cared for me, he loved me so much, only, only because I would say two words of love to him. Hello child.

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I cannot take this, this is Haris’, uncle. I know child, but this is his happiness, I am giving this with his will. We are going to UK anyway. Child just take care of yourself. Take care of this home. My love. My child. Did mama sleep? Yes, I gave her, her medication, so she slept. I thought I would come sit with you. Thank God you thought of me. I always think of you. You are really good, you always take care of mama, although she is your enemy. She is not my enemy, she is a wife. And when a woman is a wife, she tolerates everything, but she cannot share her husband. She goes mad. When she sees her husband with another wife. This way you too are a second… No, I was the second wife, a man really loves his second wife. You know papa loved you the most. I had my own place. I also love Saif a lot but honestly, till the time I fell in love with him, he left me, this world, and everyone.