Baa Bahoo Aur Baby

Madam, make our madam a very beautiful bride. Saeen’s orders. Mama, don’t you worry, we have called her from the city, just for our madam. You will see, I am so unlucky, the man who ruined my life, I have become his wife today. Saif ur Rehman, I will never accept you with my heart and soul. Never Don’t pray mama. Why child? The sorrow won’t go with these prayers. I wish I had not gone to Bhurban. Haris, had you not gone, this would still have happened. No mama, this wouldn’t have happened, I would have protected Raima, wouldn’t have left her alone like you people. You all are equally responsible in this. God is great. We will find Raima. We won’t find her now.

I apologize for what I did, I am really sorry for everything.

Don’t say that Haris, pray to God. How are you? Don’t worry child, you will be fine soon. Papa, you talk to Saif ur Rehman again. You will see, that damned man kidnapped Raima, I am sure. Just pray that she is fine where ever she is. I only pray this that my daughter is found. Today is the most beautiful day of my life. Now you believe me, right? I get what I want. Not a single day like this has come in my life, and nor would there be any such day. Raima, Raima Saif ur Rehman, Raima Saif ur Rehman, I apologize for what I did, I am really sorry for everything. I will never forgive you. You look really pretty. Who or what are you to me, I cannot tell you. Saad has never praised me, even though we are together since childhood, he knows I am his fiancée, still he doesn’t say a word. I think we will go our separate ways soon. I want my happiness, whatever mama says I will not wait for him. You have no idea what I can do. What more can you do? I will throw you to a place that no one will be able to find you. Do it, I don’t care. But you care for Haris, right? You must care for him.

I did what you wanted, now stop..

I feel that I will have to get him picked soon. In fact, here, in front of your eyes, I will get him beaten up here. You cannot do that. Who will stop me? I will stop you. I did what you wanted, now stop.. Then forget the man whose name is Haris. That is impossible. I have spent my childhood with him, I can forget to breath but… When he will die, then you will forget him, right? Are you really unaware of my power? I can do what you cannot even imagine. Forget your past, forget them. This Haris, take his name out of your life. I can forget him, but how can I forget those who brought me up. I am not stopping you from meeting them? You can meet them when you want. They are your uncle and aunt, meet them when you want, but don’t you mention Haris. Because if in the future you mention him, then that day will be the last day of Haris’s life. I am really hurt, you too must be, I also feel pain, when you take his name in front of me. Don’t say that. Don’t say that, I am your husband now. Yes. So be careful what I like to hear and what I don’t. what I like and what I don’t like. You look really pretty. I promise you, till the time I am alive, I will not let you move away from in front of my eyes. Yes Saad, go ahead. Uncle, did you file the FIR? Saad, I told you that the chief minister is here, the police is busy there, will get the FIR filed, once he leaves, ok? Uncle, its been so long, I don’t know when the police will file the FIR, when they will start to work. It will be so late, God knows what will happen then. Saad, the police doesn’t have a genie that they can order it to get the culprit, it takes time, they have their way of working. I mean, what is wrong with you. Yes. Listen, does the family doubt anyone? No.

She is not like that, she is a good girl

SO they know their daughter ran away. Uncle, nothing like that. Saad, son you don’t know girls nowadays. You are right, I don’t know about girls today, but I know about Raima. She is not like that, she is a good girl, really naïve. I think you have your exams, focus on that, I will talk to you later. Bye. Yes, go ahead. Are you ok? I am alive, not dead yet. God forbid, what do you say? Why did you call? I saw a bad dream, I got worried, thought I’d ask you how you are. Madam Farkhanda, this is not the age to watch dreams. I couldn’t dream at any age. Where are you? I am in Karampur, there was some work. Don’t worry, all is fine. You could have told me I didn’t think it was important. How is Abeera? She is fine, she is sleeping. When she wakes up, give her my love. Okay. Anything else? No, just wanted to know how you were, take care. Bye. I will put the phone down now. Dilawar. Yes Saeen Get breakfast. Ok Saeen. Where is madam Raima? Saeen, Taba has gone to call her. What happened? Didn’t madam come? No, she ran to her room. Saeen, madam is really stubborn. Koni, you talk to her, when you do that, she will learn. But how do I do that now? With love, don’t scold her or raise your hand, she is my wife.

I cried once, he would ask me a 1000 times.

Go and tell her that I have asked that we have to go to the city, she will come. As you wish Saeen. Mr. Sardar, you claim to love me? What is love, someone should ask Haris. I cried once, he would ask me a 1000 times. You, you give me pain yourself, what do you know what love is. Madam. Madam, Saeen is calling. What for? For breakfast. I don’t want to have breakfast. He is waiting for you. Tell him that. You can hit me if you want. Madam, my hands will get broken, I can’t even think that. Then go tell your Saeen that I will not come, he can poison me if he wants. Madam, can I say something? No one has dared to answer Saeen. I am daring to do it, I am saying no. He can punish me how he likes. Madam, don’t argue, he is your husband now. Is this how husband’s are? The ones who kidnap others, and do what they want. You should have listened to him yourself, he wouldn’t have done this ever. You tell me, what would you do? Someone kidnaps you, marries you forcefully, someone your heart would never have loved, would you have listened to them? No madam, no, don’t mention me. You are right, how can you do that, Saeen has control on your breaths as well as your thinking. You go and tell him that I don’t want to have breakfast. Madam, don’t argue. Did you not hear what I said? Madam… Go from here. What are you thinking? I am thinking that Raima’s family must think that we didn’t support them. I swear man, we went with such passion and did nothing. Yes, but they didn’t cooperate. How would they cooperate? They could at least tell us if they doubted someone.

they are quiet and not doing anything and they are quietly trying to stop us too.

If they don’t doubt someone, what would they tell us. You know I felt that, but I am not sure if you noticed, but they look scared, like someone threatened them. Because of this, they are quiet and not doing anything and they are quietly trying to stop us too. I noticed that too, but sorry to say, but if your uncle had gotten involved the issue wouldn’t have been that big. You are right. This is where lost. You doubt anyone? What can I say? May some old enmity, some dispute of wealth, something to do with the relatives, I can’t say. I am surprised, no matter what the reason, how can someone fall so low, they didn’t even care about their wife and children. Khalid, its sad, I am really sorry for such people. Leave it. What can we do now. Why didn’t you come for breakfast? I didn’t feel like it. Even I asked you to come, Anyway, Raima, get used to all this, you have to live with me forever. Make this normal. Look, be careful in front of these servants, if I say something, don’t say no. There is no one who goes against my orders.

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