Akira 2021 | Garrett Hedlund,Chris Pine,Justin Timberlake,Joaquin Phoenix,Andrew Garfield

Akira 2021 | Garrett Hedlund,Chris Pine,Justin Timberlake,Joaquin Phoenix,Andrew Garfield

Akira 2021 | Garrett Hedlund,Chris Pine,Justin Timberlake,Joaquin Phoenix,Andrew Garfield
Hello. Hello. Sister Zahida, can I get a cup of coffee, I am going to my room. I will just get it. Thank you. Hello. Hello. Hatim, its good you came, I need to go to mama’s immediately, can you please drop me? Okay. Actually Faham is not home, and the driver is also busy. Don’t worry, I will drop you. Let me get my bag, then we will go. Sister Zahida, leave the coffee, I am going with sister in law. Sister in law, I am waiting for you in the car. Yes, pray that my daughter has a good future. Yes. Ok, bye. Sister Khadija, what should I cook? Tell me. I will tell that later, call Shamila first. She went out with brother Hatim. Where did she go? She didn’t tell me.

 I don’t know, but I wanted to say something. Yes, go ahead. Madam Shamila says weird things in the kitchen with me. What things? Some things that make me feel she is jealous of daughter Rida. I know but what can we do. I would say you pray for daughter Rida, cause jealously ruins people. Mama, you are sitting here, I looked for you all around, I wanted to show you my shopping, I got so many things. Sister Zahida, please get me tea. Yes son, I will just get it. Also get biscuits. Mama. What happened? You look worried. No, nothing. You are sad, I am too, Rida will go. Hatim. Yeah. What are you gifting Rida on the wedding? Was thinking if all of us can give her a diamond set. And Zeeshan? For Zeeshan we have not planned, brother is giving him a car, if I do get them something than I will sponsor their Switzerland trip. 

I don’t get one thing, Faham is gifting him a car, you are sponsoring his trip, why are you giving Zeeshan so much importance. What do you mean? I mean Hatim, give him something he is worth. First wait for the time and see how he treats Rida, does he keep her nicely. First see all thing then give him these things. Don’t give him so much in one go. Meaning, we shouldn’t give this to Zeeshan. No, I am not saying that. After all dowry doesn’t change a girl’s fate. Did I get dowry? No, right? Aunt asked for nothing and still I am so happy. We obviously will give him things once we have seen how he treats Rida. We will give him these things, its not an issue, after all, in–laws hardly treat you as family. All that is fine, but sister in law, this is for the wedding… Fine, I am not forcing you, I told you what I thought was right, or else you people know better. Faham, all her life you haven’t let Rida feel that she doesn’t have a father. Live long. Ameen.

 Did you call me brother? Yes, its good you came brother, I had to discuss something important with you, I met the lawyer. Lawyer? Why? I forgot to mention it to you, I want to give Rida her share in the land. I did that. Share of land, but why? What do you mean, why? No, we are giving so much to Rida in dowry, then why give this, we should check how Zeeshan treats her and cares for her, then we can give what we want. I am not doing her a favor, we have just given her what is her, like us 3 brother’s have land in our name. I don’t think I can take away her right. Yes fine, she has a right, but don’t give her things like this, give it to her later. Faham, Hatim might not be wrong, girls who take a lot of dowry are seen separately. 

Fine, if this is what you want, then we will do this. The papers are ready, its up to you to give them to Rida before marriage or after marriage. Till then I will keep them with me. Fine. I will keep them safely, you don’t be so upset, I get scared. Hatim, did Shamila say this to you? No, not at all. Because I know what my children can say and what they cant. What about feeling? You will look beautiful as a bride. It’s the groom, let me pick up. Hello groom, how are you? Hello. Who are you? I am Rushna. I am sorry, I was calling someone else and accidentally dialed Rida’s and it dialed and you picked up. Yes, you want to talk to the bride, but on one condition, the phone is on loud speaker, talk. Okay, you can let me talk, then I agree to all conditions.

 Hello, everyone. How are you? Yes, fine. No but you sound sad, tell me. Yes, she will be sad, she is leaving us and coming to you. Don’t worry, fate has written good happiness and love for Rida. Now no sorrow will not come near her. I wanted to tell you that just one night is left then I am coming to get you. Bye. Did he get upset? Why will he get upset? Sure? He cut the call so I felt that way. Zeeshan is not like that. Have you ever seen puppets. After marriage, the woman is a puppet for a man, a man controls everything for her, she has no life. You know how happy I used to be, laugh loudly, Faraz doesn’t like this habit, I have to take care of his likes and dislikes. You know, to be at your wedding, I had to beg Faraz. Does life get tough after wedding? No, I didn’t say that, but it changes. You be mentally prepared, I don’t know how Zeeshan’s attitude will be like, just do what he tells you to, be happy with him. Simple. But brother Faham didn’t impose anything on sister in law Shamila. She is lucky and also ungrateful, with such good in-laws and husband, she doesn’t respect that. Yes, you are right.

 Thank you, God, the person I loved so much and prayed for you gave them to me, when papa left, the happiness left my life, I thought there won’t be any happiness after this. But my God you are kind and merciful and giving. Thank you so much. Thank God. Child, this is a small gift from us. You give it. You do it. Rida, this is from me. Zeeshan this is from me and Faham for you, its for Switzerland and Paris, enjoy it. We also had to go, but… we didn’t go, so you people go ahead. This is for you brother Zeeshan. Its getting late sister, I think you should leave now. Hello. Hello. Do you want something? Water? You are really pretty, I mean I have never seen you like this, you look really pretty today. You always look pretty but today you look even prettier. Yes, I got this for you. If you can give me your hand. 

Give it to me, I will put this on. No… does it hurt? Do you know what love is? You know what it is? In which a person gives up his soul, heart, life for one person. I am really helpless in front of you. If you call this love, then even I am helpless in front of you. Why are you not looking at me? Look at me once, for a while. Nothing will happen. Just once. One second. God bless. God bless. God bless. Childhood passed so fast. Its good she left, she was everyone’s beloved I didn’t get anyone’s attention, now I will get the attention. Who will I fight with. I told you not to fight, but you don’t listen to your elder brother. Why are you sad like this? You should be happy. You sent away your daughter with love, you are done with this responsibility of yours. Yes. But she left my home empty.