AASHIQUI 2020 – New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020

AASHIQUI 2020 – New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020


Why did you stop? Why do we eat the same daily? I will make rice for my son tomorrow, ok? No, I don’t want rice. Then? I want chocolate cookies and ice cream. When papa gets a job, he will get it. No, I won’t get a job. Don’t fool him. Look, you have hurt papa. Me? Yes, you eat now, I am going to papa. Papa, are you upset with me? No my love, I am not upset with you. Then who? Mama? Not at all. Your mama is really good. But I like you more. 

What do you see on the sky that is the brightest and the prettiest? The moon. Your mother is like the moon, the light in our life and the beauty in our life is cause of her. and who are you? Me? I am the dark sky of the night. and me? You are… you see the bright star? Yeah. You are that. But its small. You are small too. But I will get lost. You are nearest to the moon, your mama won’t let you get lost anywhere. and you? Me, I am already lost.

 I will find you. You people are here. Mama, papa called you the moon, the prettiest, I am that star. He talks a lot. What did papa call himself? The dark sky of the night. mama. Yeah. I want to dance like papa. No, you will be calligrapher like papa, write God’s name. But I like this better. Me too. Can I do it? Mama. Yeah? Am I really poor? No, who said this to you? All children say that I am poor and so is papa and papa asks everyone for money.

 They all lie. They say my father doesn’t do anything. Momin, your father is the richest. Does he have money? He has something worth more than money. Come, I will show you. Your father writes God’s name, he is the richest in the world. The one who writes God’s name is rich? Yes. Why? Because God loves them the most. God loves papa? And you and me? He loves papa the most.

 Why does He not give him money? I want a lot of toys, a cycle and I want to eat chocolates. Why did you say yes to this job? What else could I do? Do what you have always done Taha. I cannot do calligraphy. Whatever I make, it doesn’t touch anyone’s heart. What I want to sell, no one buys. How long will I waste time sitting like this. Taha. I, I cannot see him suffer for things like this.

I have hurt papa, he is upset with me. Till the time papa is upset with me, God will never forgive these hands. We will go to him, with Momin. I have been writing to him for ages. He has not replied once. I apologized, if his heart had to melt, it would have. I stood outside his home, just to see him. Everyone says that he stopped mentioning me. He has forgotten Taha Abdul Ala. When I would sit down to write God’s name, it would feel like he was in front of me. He is making me write him name Himself. But for the past 6 years, He has gone away from me. 

Taha… He is still in my heart, but I am not in His. I have asked for forgiveness a lot, I have begged for forgiveness, does Allah get upset with His man like this that he takes away his talent, takes away his livelihood, his peace. Taha… I will teach calligraphy to Kalb-e-Momin. I am not worth it anymore. Hey, why are you taking off these pictures? Just like that. Its getting bad being pasted on the wall. Should I take them out too?

 No, you go change your shoes, uncle is coming. The uncle who gets me loads of things? Yes. Sultan, you have not changed, you are the same. You have changed Husn e Jahan. Life has changed, that is why. Kalb e Momin. Your son? Yes. You go outside and play, I will call you in a bit, okay? Uncle didn’t get me anything? No. You are still up? Why are you looking at me like this? Nothing. Okay, what are you reading? A script for a film. Script? Urdu film. Okay. What is the story? Its like Alif Laila till the interval. I read it holding my breath, should I tell you?