Aangan Drama

Where is she? What did you do to her? Move, get out. Leave me, I will not go. I will tell everyone your reality. Hey, you talk like that about Saeen. Leave me. I will find Raima. I will set all your hideouts and homes on fire. The one you took away, she was not a toy, she was my love. I will kill you. I have seen enough, you can kill me? The ones who love, they are not afraid to die, people like you are scared. You coward. Get out! Out! Who? Hello uncle. Hello, how are you child? I got food for you. Child, why this formality? What formality? Aunty and Raima are not home, so its our duty. Who is there? Hello aunt, when did you come from Hyderabad? Hyderabad? Hey, Raima actually stayed there, her aunt was not well, your aunt came back cause of us. Aunty, you don’t look well. Yes child, I am just tired, you give this to me, I will empty the dishes. No, you sit, I will do it. Hey, I will do it, thank you. Why did you leave Raima? Her exams will start, you left her there. Raima, what is your problem? She will come when she wants. I will get the dishes. Aunty got upset for no reason. She is unwell child. You go, I will bring the dishes. Fine. Excuse me. Yes? I want to meet Saif ur Rehman. Sir, wait, he is in a meeting. You tell him, Haris Alvi wants to meet him. Sir, wait for a bit, sir is in a meeting, then you can meet him. You don’t understand, I don’t have the time to wait for him. Sir, listen to me, sir is in a meeting, listen to me. Who are you? Where are you going? Move. Where are you going? Saif ur Rehman! Sir, I tried to stop him, he came here forcefully.

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Who are you? What is your problem? Where is Raima? Who is this idiot? Drag him out. Come… Leave me, I am talking. Where is Raima? Okay, stop. Make him sit in my office, I will come after the meeting. Go, come on. Come… Leave me. Come with me. I am sorry for that unpleasant situation. This happens, kids don’t get justice, they get emotional, I will help him out too, lets see. Continue, what were we talking about? Mama, try and understand, I am sure there is some issue. These investigative dramas you see all day, this is cause of that. Look, you are not trying to understand me. Since the time Haris came from Bhurban, he is not talking to me properly and uncle, he says aunty and Raima both have stayed in Hyderabad. Aunty was in the home. When I saw aunt, he changed what he was saying, he said aunty has come back, but Raima stayed in Hyderabad. What is so special about it? That you are so worried. Mama, the special thing is that Raima’s exams are about to being and the whole neighborhood knows that Raima is really studious. Don’t you compare me to her being so studious, have you forgotten? Then, such a studious girl is having her exams, and she went to Hyderabad. Its possible the exams got postponed. No mama, no, her first paper is day after tomorrow. Look Maha, if you had put half the effort you put here in your studies, then Saeeda would have married her educated brother to you. I don’t want to marry her educated brother.

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Then who do you want to marry? I will tell you that soon, you first get rid of these losers that aunt Aleema gets. Then we will talk. Hey… Yes, Haris Alvi, what were you saying? Where is Raima? Who is this Raima? Stop this nonsense, you know well who she is. First of all, talk to me with respect, secondly, I don’t know who Raima is. You know. She took your interview. RJ Raima Alvi. She must have, I don’t know where she is, why are you asking me? Because she is my fiancée. She took your interview, after which you sent a proposal to my home, to which my father said no, then what did you do? Kidnap her. Do you remember? I meet a lot of people, I give a lot of interviews, I cannot remember everyone. You are lying! Manners! Or I will have you thrown out. You tell me clearly where is Raima or I will spread this news in the media. What will that do? Will you find Raima? No. No. you will not find Raima, but you will find insult. You feel that doing all this you will defame me, then hear me clearly, you are a kid. Look Saif ur Rehman… Yes… I am talking to you nicely, tell me clearly, where is Raima, or you have no idea what I will do. For the first time someone has tried to be stupid enough, in fact have the courage to threat Saif ur Rehman. Have mercy on yourself and go from here. Come on. I will not go till you tell me where you have kept Raima. It would be best that you leave yourself, or else the guards will come, they will break your legs and throw you somewhere or do something. That is why I am saying, leave. Send the guards upstairs. What happened Saif ur Rehman? You got scared of your claim of love. You don’t have the courage, so you need people to protect you. I will not leave you. I promise you that. Listen, keep your promise. Sister, I really like you, listen to Saeen, then I too will live with you and you will see I will care for you, you will rule. I will leave from here soon. You are mistaken sister. Without Saeen’s permission you cannot move from here. His evil intentions wont be fulfilled. You are calling wedding evil? Okay, have food. Look, why don’t you eat? God gets upset. God doesn’t get upset if you don’t eat, you ruin someone’s life, he gets upset.