40 Ways To Improve Degree

Where is he? Sajjad has gone to see where he is, he must be coming back with him. Yes, he must be sitting with his loafer, cheap friends, he must be playing something. They are here. Come son, come. Where were you son? Papa, I was with my friends. Okay, nothing, you had your last exam today, so I wanted to ask about that, how did it go? It went well, I had worked really hard. Look, should we hope for a first division or will you give us a bigger happiness than that? Papa, I don’t know about first or second division, I have worked hard, rest is in God’s hands. Oh God. Damn it! You have not appeared for the exam, and you are talking nonsense here. Papa. Papa. He has not appeared for the exam and he says he will get first or second division. Papa, leave it. Papa. He talks nonsense, he lies. For God’s sake, stop.

My bones have started to hurt, I cannot work anymore. Papa. Papa. Calm down. Leave me! Will you kill him? Stop it. Papa. Papa. Papa. Move on the side. Move. Stop it, stop please, for God’s sake. Papa… He will cheat me. You should ask him, he didn’t give his exams. Papa, calm down. You go, you go upstairs. He is lying to us, he says he will get the first division. I will go and get water. Go, get water, quickly. Hey, leave me. Leave me. Papa, your blood pressure will rise, what are you doing? Hey, he didn’t appear for the exams! Okay. Okay. He told me that superintendent told me. I met Ramzan. Papa, its done now, come on let go of your anger and sit. If there is someone like us, come in front of us. If there is someone like us, come in front. T This style, this actions of yours, became the reason for my love. Became the reason of my love.

you people will keep on searching

G G for good, D for doll, J for Japanese, you have robbed a traveler from Pakistan. Hey, doll from Japan. Doll from Japan. Doll from Japan, hey! Y. This evening will not come again, this evening will not come again, let make this evening, and the journey one to remember. It’s a Y. it’s a Y. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Y. A. A. A. A. Brother, whatever papa says its for your benefit. You let it be, little one, you take his side, all the time. Okay my brother, stop now. Look, I told you I would help your prepare, but… But. But what? You both have got a place in papa’s good books, go and get your prize. What happened? There, another one is here. Why don’t you talk to him to leave all this. What do you want? And what does your father want? He is the reason behind this feud.

He has spied on me to my papa. You people start feuds. Feedi, what is wrong? Its not her fault, why are you getting upset with her? Yes, all off you are innocent, I am the one to blame. Come on brother, don’t say that. Come on. I am right. I will leave one day to a place, where I will never come back from, you people will keep on searching. Hey, Feedi. Come on. Come on. Listen to me at least. Hello papa. Hello. Aren’t you people leaving a little too early today? Yes, papa I will drop Fari to the college and after that I will go to the commissioner’s office. Where is the beloved one? I am sure he is sleeping. Fari, go and wake him up. Yes papa.

Okay, come on, don’t say anything else to him, he slept without eating last night. Without eating. I am not his enemy. I say this for his betterment. I met Mr. Hameed in the morning, at the prayer time. He works at Seth Nisar’s home as an accountant. He was telling me that they have a program at their home, they want someone for the arrangements. In facts, he was also saying that if he works well, he could get a permanent job. Okay, what is the hurry? He will work, after all, you are after him. There are a thousand expenses of the home, Nasra. We have to get Sajjad appear for his competition exams, he needs an academy. Fari’s educational expenses are on the other hand, and then I cannot handle the responsibilities of this home alone. Hey, I too can require someone’s shoulder, or no? And then your beloved has to work as an accountant, or a clerk, or laborer in future, then why not today? Its good he will work for some affluent man, so he might get a good reward.

You are your parent’s child

Yes papa, you called me. I have put in a reference for your job. Go to this address, meet Seth Nisar, tell him Mr. Hameed sent you, he will explain the rest to you. And dress up well, these affluent people really care about these things. Sure. Go. The pictures are so pretty. They are not pretty, zoom in to this one. I told him not to take it from this angle. Yes, the driver will pick them. Yes. I look good. Yes. Yes, only you look good. Let him come today, I will talk to him. Yes. Yes. I would have gone to the airport myself, but there is a lot of work, that I don’t get spare time. I had even asked the accountant to get me a temporary manager, I cannot do all this work alone. You don’t worry, they are now our guests. Okay. Bye. Papa, is someone coming? Yes, I have a friend, his son and his family is coming from Canada. They have to go to Karachi, but I think they will stay here for a day. Look, I am going to the furniture showroom, if they come, then receive them well.

Hey uncle, your guests, are my guests. I will treat them so well that they will not even forget when they go back to Canada. Wow, so this means I shouldn’t worry. Not at all. Okay, I am going. Okay. Bye. Bye. Show me the rest. Why should I show you? Your pictures are bad, not mine. I am sorry, I will delete all these and if you have a problem, then get a new photographer, I recommended this one. Feedi, tell me something. Yeah? You are your parent’s child, right? What nonsense is this? I am saying the right thing, not even step parents torment you so much and till now our BA degree is not complete. They are being strict because of uncle Ramzan’s spying, and they go