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One second, I understood you. I will tell him that I said all of this and I said it for the betterment of you two, I didn’t have any bad intentions. That poor man is scared that in this separation you might take his and my name. He will be in trouble. He tried his best to keep you happy and so did I, just for our friendship, for our sake. I decided to leave Umar’s life. Nobody needs to do anything for my sake. I don’t want to take further favors from you two and whatever Umar did for me, I will pay back Umar’s favors as well. I will not let the name of you two come in this whole story. But Maheen, all this will happen when you talk to them straight forwardly.00:20:55.02] You tell them your decision.

The Reasons Why We Love Recovery

Look Maheen, you will have to choose one side, make your life easy and also make Umar’s life easy. He is only suffering because of you. Umar, you didn’t answer my question. Did you feel hurt? When she asked for a divorce, did you not feel any pain? Why would I feel pain, sister in law, when she is happy? She should have been hurt. If she is happy, then so am I. Okay, then why is your tone so broken while talking about this. Why is there so much disappointment, so much loneliness on your face, that you get from the fear of losing someone.

7 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Recovery.

Sister in law, there is no loneliness on my face, you have started your speculations again, all wrong. I am going from here. Umar, at least answer me. Does the empty room not bother you, all your night is spent walking on the roof, how long will you hide? And from whom will you hide it from? Will you hide it from yourself too? Monis. Yes? Monis, find out, where are your uncle and aunt, they left a long time back, have they changed their mind about coming here. Its good that they don’t come, after all, she is sitting upset and when we cannot talk about anything, what result will we get? No, no, she is getting better, she came out of the room, she is ready to talk to her uncle and aunt.

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I think Roshni made her understand. Roshni. Mama, did Roshni tell you the complains Maheen has with Umar and her in-laws? No, not me, she told her mother. She mentioned it to me so I found out, or else Maheen is so cunning she kept it inside her heart. and Maheen said all this to Roshni. Obviously, she shared her sorrow with her friend, she didn’t tell her mother anything. Anyway, you find out, where are those people. Does the empty room not bother you, all your night is spent walking on the roof, how long will you hide? And from whom will you hide it from? Will you hide it from yourself too? I am not hiding anything from anyone, I have no pain, it doesn’t matter to me whether she is in my life or not.

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Speak up brother Mansoor, you too say what sister in law is saying is correct. You two… What? What are you saying brother Mansoor? How? Where are mama and papa? I am coming. Oh my God, God help. No uncle, I won’t go back. I not only respect you, I really love you also, but this wish of yours, I cannot fulfill it. You please, don’t consider this my stubbornness, consider it my helplessness and just think that living with Umar is no less than a punishment for me. If you help me, then both families will be saved from destruction. But please, don’t force me. I know that… I know you are really hurt to hear this, but please, you also try and understand I had to put a stone on my heart and say this to you. Are they here? Stay with me. Come on.

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Uncle and aunt had an accident. Umar called. What? The ankle is displaced, thank God its not a fracture, God have mercy, the doctor has recommended bed rest for some time. And papa, his operation is going on for so long, is everything ok? He has serious injuries, I hope God is kind. You shouldn’t have got grandma here, she is crying so much. What are you saying Mansoor, she was crying so much at home, we are all here we will console her. I pray to God before mama regains consciousness, papa’s operation is completed, we give her a good news. Everything will be fine. Did anyone inform aunt and Maheen. Yes I did. Oh God. Brother, sister in law, what happened? Umar. Where are mama and papa? Umar. Umar, pray. Papa is in the operation theatre. is everything ok? Mama. Where is mama? Be strong. We are shifting mama to the room.

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Be strong. Tell me honestly. I am telling you honestly. Everything is fine Umar. You pray. Everything is fine. You just pray. Be strong and pray, by the will of God it will all be fine. Umar, just pray, ok? Yes, it’s a black gate. Yes, this is it. We are coming. Hurry up mama. Hey, oh God, I am getting so tensed. I don’t know what to do in tension. I am dropping things, God have mercy. God have mercy. Maheen, lock the door. One minute. One minute. Brother wait a minute, I will get my shawl I am also coming. No but… Okay fine, hurry up. We are already late. I was just saying that after she left home, the whole family must know. Now everyone will come to meet them, they will say things to her. So what mama? I cannot stop myself out of the fear of people talking and leave uncle and aunt like this. Come on mama, nothing will happen. Lets go. Okay. Lock the door. Come quickly.